Create exceptional digital journeys
to empower your people
from onboarding to alumni.
Journey-Based Employee Experiences –
Powered by Continuous Intelligence
drive value through digital Journeys
Onboarding · Virtual and Hybrid Teams · Relocations · Promotions · M&A · Sales Enablement · Offboarding
Continuous Learning · Client Learning and Enablement · Upskilling & Reskilling
Elevate employee experience
and engagement
Improve time-to-productivity
and new hire retention
Gain transparency and efficiency
of your people programs
How Empiflow works
Provide contextual learning, services, communication, and goal alignment.
Deliver timely experiences that go beyond transactional and compliance activities.
Personalize & Engage
Uncover experience gaps and issues,
hidden within your data.
Capture and consolidate experience data - behavioral, performance, and feedback.
Listen & Analyze
Automatically assign actions to stakeholders,
track resolutions, and trigger follow-ups.
Deliver actionable insights with data-driven
alerts, notifications, and rich visualizations.
Act & Respond
Automate and scale digital journeys across
roles, departments, and use cases.
Design holistic, human-centric digital journeys
with drag-and-drop simplicity.
Design & Automate
Build exceptional digital journeys
Empiflow makes it simple to create and deliver meaningful experiences that support your people
across moments that matter, from new hire onboarding to offboarding.
Act on Continuous Intelligence
Leverage a unique combination of historical and real-time data to continuously improve experiences
by focusing on the changes that drive the highest ROI.
Our unique set of capabilities
Empiflow is designed to deliver superior digital experiences to users and administrators through intuitive, elegant interfaces across web and native mobile apps.
Intuitive design
Empiflow is a single, unified platform with rich functionality to manage and continuously improve onboarding and learning experiences at scale across employees, customers, and partners.
All-in-one platform
Empiflow, powered by its open and flexible multi-account architecture, makes it effortless to scale, customize, and integrate the platform, meeting specific needs of the enterprises.
Scalable architecture
Empiflow enables companies to act on insights fast by generating alerts and assigning tasks to the right stakeholders, dependent upon experience issues uncovered.
Built for action
Empiflow's intelligence engine empowers companies to uncover experience gaps throughout digital journeys, comprehensively processing real-time experience data.
Continuous intelligence
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